May is a busy month for the Allstacks team, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our team is presenting to engineering and product leaders at industry events and running our first webinar of 2022!

Events you can find Allstacks speaking at

This month we have our VP of Engineering, Jamie Howard, on a panel at the State of Technology and Adam Dahlgren, our SVP of Product, giving a presentation at VSMCon. Here are the event details:

VSMCon 2022 speaker Adam Dahlgren and 2022 State of Technology panelist Jamie Howard

VSMcon 2022
Topic - Value Steam Intelligence keeps business and software leaders no longer "Lost in Translation"
Presenter - Adam Dahlgren 
Date - Wednesday, May 11, at 2:10 pm CST

2022 State of Technology
Topic - Breakout Session B: Cloud Talent: Proactive Employee Retention
Panelists - Jamie Howard, Emily McBride, Kevin Robinson, and Jerry Tillman
Date - Thursday, May 12, at 11:15 AM EST

Allstacks hosted events 

In May, we are kicking off our monthly webinar series. This month’s topic tackles software engineering OKRs panel style with two of our leadership team and a representative from our partner GTMHub. 

Software Engineering OKR Webinar

Webinar: Using Engineering OKRs to Make the CPO Your Ally in the Boardroom

Panlists: Adam Dahlgren, Jeremy Freeman, and Evan Campbell
Date: Wednesday, May 18, at 1:00 pm EST

In this 30-minute webinar, you will be listening in on an objective, honest conversation between Allstacks’ CTO and Product leader and a GTMHub OKR expert as they talk it out on the following: 

  • The business dynamics that drive misalignment in software organizations
  • Why it’s challenging to use OKR frameworks in software orgs
  • How to implement engineering OKRs that translate development effort to value 
  • Using Gtmhub and Allstacks enables you to visualize and automate OKR tracking

Will the Allstacks team see you this month at our webinar or one of the events we are partaking in? Don’t be shy, reach out and let us know! 

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