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Allstacks + Jira

Allstacks integrates directly with Jira to provide you with a full picture of how your teams
work on projects together. Answer questions like,“How much velocity does our team actually have
with their bug work?” and, “Are we going to deliver this epic on time?” by just connecting
your tools. Make siloed data a thing of the past and start getting better visibility into
your project status and your team’s engineering efforts. 

Connect Jira
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Like Magic, But Better.

Bring together all of your tools from across your entire Software
Development Life Cycle with Allstacks. Get the complete picture with
precise, up-to-date data to help you make the right decisions and
improve overall delivery. Ta-da!

What Can You Do With The Jira & Allstacks



Forecast More Reliably.

It's hard to forecast without a clear view. Allstacks
integrates with Jira, collecting tickets, cards and other work
units, plus data from code management and build tools.
This generates metrics about process health, velocity, focus
and investment. Get the insight needed to accurately
forecast the timeline of projects.

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See the Entire Picture.

Allstacks seamlessly integrates with Jira to provide users with powerful dashboards, combining information from multiple sources to give them on-demand insights into their engineering organization's performance. With this, you and your team can get a comprehensive view of organizational performance, enabling leaders to instantly track key performance metrics. Easily conduct in-depth research, analyze development efforts, and gain cross-system insights.

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Get Ahead of Delivery Risks.

Allstacks helps users spot risks and get a complete view of
their work. Connect to Jira to merge data from other tools
to gain insights into projects and activities, such as
estimation changes, completions, comments, and status
updates. This data powers metrics to measure process
health, velocity, focus, and investment, with forecasting

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See How You Stack Up.

Unite tickets, cards, stories, and epics with disparate
engineering data and gain insight into your overall stream.
You can compare your team’s efforts to industry
benchmarks and set meaningful targets with real-time
metrics Allstacks’ global population data set, independent
of size, workflow, and dev environment.

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Keep Your Data Secure.

As your data security partner, we provide the highest standards of
security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy through SOC 2 Type 2
certification, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, and a proactive
approach to security risks.

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See Allstacks In Action.

Connect all your development tools with Allstacks and start utilizing your data to improve delivery and see what building software better looks like.

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Discover how Allstacks can take your software organization to the next level.

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