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Allstacks + GitLab

Allstacks integrates directly with GitLab to collect data about your code commits, merge
requests, branches, and other related coding activities from your software development
workflow. Get better visibility into project statuses, engineering efforts, and potential bottlenecks.

Connect GitLab
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Like Magic, But Better.

Bring together all of your data across each step of your entire
Development Life Cycle with Allstacks. Get the complete picture with
precise, up-to-date data to help you make the right decisions
and improve overall delivery. Ta-da!

What Can You Do With The GitLab & Allstacks



Get a Clear View of
Project Statuses.

Relying on developer velocity to measure overall productivity
often leaves teams without the full picture. With Allstacks,
you can supplement your typical productivity metrics by
tying projects and tasks directly to git metrics—giving your
team a useful first-pass approximation of developer
productivity and project status.

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Gain Clarity and Organizational Alignment

Gain access to powerful dashboards to help drive organizational alignment and change with Allstacks' GitLab integration. Keep up-to-date with a holistic view of commit data pulled straight from GitLab SCM. Identify and address inefficiencies, improve team productivity, and ensure development efforts align with strategic goals.

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Risk Assessments without All the Research

With Allstacks you can build custom alerts based on git commits, merge requests, or any other engineering metric that get sent to you on demand or in the form of a daily digest. Stay on track of your team's productivity and adjust and optimize upstream activities without spending hours digging through logs.

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Unlock Data and Improve Performance

By tracking developer activity in your GitLab environment, Allstacks provides you with key performance and engineering efficiency metrics that you improve delivery performance. Whether it's basic allocation of coding time to accurately measure Lead Time for Changes (LT) or Change Failure Rate (CFR), get access to the data you need to have a meaningful impact and improve developer productivity.

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Keep Your Data Secure.

As your data security partner, we provide the highest standards of
security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy through SOC 2 Type 2
certification, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, and a proactive
approach to security risks.

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See Allstacks In Action.

Connect all your development tools with Allstacks and start utilizing your data to improve delivery and see what building software better looks like.

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