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Engineering + Finance Alignment: Automate R&D Capitalization Reporting 


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is R&D Capitalization and why should engineering leaders care. 
  • What Finance needs from engineering 
  • Current approaches and best practices to capture the needed data.
  • Benefits to automating the reporting process and monitoring over time. 

Engineering Performance Industry Benchmark 

A rolling 12-month benchmark across five key software delivery metrics: sources from the Allstacks anonymized global data set

• How many days per week do teams write code?
• What percentage of issues are planned vs. unplanned?
• What are the cycle times by issue type?
• What types of code do teams produce?
• What is the average commit size for companies?

ROI Calculator

Estimate the business value you could achieve by using Allstacks

Calculate the impact and cost savings of purchasing Allstacks versus building an in-house solution or handling reporting manually. The calculator factors in:

  • Developer cost
  • Number of developers
  • Throughput Gain 
  • Developers per Reporting Manager
  • Months to Build
On-Demand Webinar

Using Engineering OKRs to Make the CPO Your Ally in the Boardroom


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A conversation between Allstacks’ CTO Jeremy Freeman and SVP of Product, Adam Dahlgren guided by Gtmhub’s Chief Transformation Architect, Evan Campbell as they discuss challenges and best practices for implementing OKR frameworks in software orgs.  





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Advanced Software Delivery and Engineer Metrics Examples

Demo: Advanced Software Delivery Metrics

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Allstacks Roadmap

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allstacks code metrics

Demo: Code Metrics

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Executive's Guide to Predictive Forecasting for Software Development

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Portfolio Report Demo Tour

Interactive Demo: Allstacks Portfolio Report 

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C19 Cycle Time Impact (5)

COVID-19 and The Impact on Engineering Productivity

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Demo: Using Engineering Data to Manage Up and Down

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leading with a people first approach

Panel: Leading Product & Engineering with a People-First Approach

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