New in Allstacks: Custom metrics grouping and Portfolio Report child nesting

Did someone say more customization and better greater exploration capabilities on the Portfolio Report?

Whats New In Allstacks

Well, our users asked and we answered! Allstacks has released updates to support the exploration of data through the ability to group data on reports and parent/child linking on the Portfolio Report

Custom data grouping on metrics 

Rolling up team activity to meaningful thematic groups is basically impossible in most tools. Allstacks changes that. Now you can customize your charts by grouping code and issue activity by the properties or fields on their parents. 

Now you can see activity grouped into investment categories, feature groups, clients, components, product areas, and of course, custom JIRA fields. 


Child nesting on the Portfolio Report 

The Portfolio Report gives you an at-a-glance view of the initiatives you care about the most. Often, you end up pinning a lot of child projects of those initiatives that you want to track the progress of as well. 

When you go to the Portfolio Report, you will see the child projects nested under parent items which means you can pin fewer items, reduce maintenance, and have better visibility across all those projects.

Child nesting

Learn more about the Portfolio Report here

Since we're talking about metrics, do you know how your team stacks up against the first-ever Engineering Performance Industry Benchmarks

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