Allstacks Takes Lead in 3 major G2 Crowd Fall 2020 Reports

Built for the demands of enterprise organizations, Allstacks achieves high customer satisfaction scores for its ability to deliver business intelligence and exceptional customer service. 


Allstacks is proud to announce it has earned industry leader recognition as the “easiest to do business with,” “best support,” and “high performer” ranking in several G2 Crowd Grid Reports. The recognition is due to how Allstacks helps product and engineering teams deliver quality software faster. The rankings are based on verified reviews by customers.

In this quarter’s report, Allstacks was recognized as a high performer in Product Management Software, including progress management capabilities and Strategic Planning Software. Users said they would be likely to recommend Allstacks at a rate of 99 percent. 

Allstacks is ranked #1 in Development Analytics Tools, an emerging category that provides high-level insights into development progress using historical data. These tools focus on helping teams improve efficiency.

“We’re honored to be awarded this recognition and see it as a testament to the work our team has put into Allstacks’ platform and our diligence in ensuring customer success along the way. Our approach is to provide the necessary tools, data, and intelligence to help software companies innovate and solve real business problems and develop a true partnership with our customers says Co-Founder and CEO Hersh Tapadia. 

Allstacks empowers organizations by pulling engineering and product data into one place to gain critical insights, track goals, and continuously improve. They are the only provider on the market to employ forecasting and risk management technology in addition to performance metrics for software teams.

“We look forward to continuing to make enhancements to our platform and upholding this standard of excellence for those we serve,” adds Tapadia. 

To learn more about Allstacks and read about customer experiences using the platform, please visit the company’s rating page on the G2 website.

More on G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is a platform that allows product users to leave real-time reviews used to build a company’s profile. Potential buyers can leverage G2 Crowd data to make better-informed purchasing decisions with honest user feedback. The G2 Crowd leader quadrant takes market presence and user satisfaction into consideration. 

About Allstacks 

Allstacks helps organizations track and improve software development for more predictable software delivery outcomes. Our leading forecasting and risk management platform uses machine learning and AI models across data from the entire software development life cycle to identify at-risk initiatives so you can take action and stay on track. We gather and analyze past work data and behavior from the tools your team is already using, making it easy to get started and see the value.

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