[Allstacks Demo] Using Engineering Data to Manage Up and Down #MeasureWhatMatters:

Dive deep into the world of Allstacks, as Jeremy and Chad showcase its dynamic functionalities in this insightful webinar.

Explore Allstacks' dynamic features with experts Jeremy & Chad. Delve into integrations, reporting, and enhanced project management in this webinar.


Join Carolina, Jeremy, and Chad as they explore the intricacies of the Allstacks platform, designed to guide meaningful conversations using real-time data. This webinar highlights the platform's robust integration capabilities, from GitHub to Jira, and illustrates its powerful reporting and team alignment features. The session illuminates how Allstacks revolutionizes project management, offering unique insights into project tracking, collaboration, and process improvement. Whether you're an engineering manager, project manager, or just keen on software efficiency, this webinar is a must-watch.


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