DevOps - Managing Surface Area - Growing Your Product Without Slowing Down

Join Allstacks' CTO, Jeremy Freeman, as he unpacks the essence of managing surface area in DevOps, drawing on a rich decade of hands-on experience.

Allstacks' CTO explores managing surface area in DevOps. Learn the power of simplicity, tool familiarity, and maximizing team potential. #DevOpsInsights.


In this session, Jeremy Freeman delves deep into the world of DevOps, emphasizing the value of simplicity and familiarity in engineering practices. With countless specialized tools available, engineers often revert to familiar ones, proving that in many instances, familiarity outweighs specialization. By understanding the team's capacity for adopting new methods and setting manageable limits, one can bolster performance and team harmony. The talk underscores platform agility and the intricate balance between innovation and tried-and-true practices.


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