What is SPACE?

SPACE is a framework from the creators of DORA for understanding developer and team productivity so organizations can predictably deliver high-quality software. SPACE takes a holistic approach to developer productivity incorporating performance, work patterns, and well-being and aligns it to outcomes and value. With the SPACE framework, organizations can understand how well they are doing while maximizing organizational performance and developer satisfaction in a hybrid, remote work world. 

Evaluate developer performance by measuring business outcomes

Development team performance is best understood by measuring outcomes, not output. Leadership often asks if engineering is working on the top initiatives that deliver customer value.

Allstacks helps you evaluate performance in real-time by understanding alignment to objectives like OKRs without manual reporting and overhead with metrics like: 

  • Delivery Forecasts
  • Feature Delivery Velocity
  • Commitment Accuracy
  • Investment Focus 
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HubSpot Video

Find your way to flow

Engineering is about solving business problems quickly and iteratively.  Getting into a flow state maximizes productivity by allowing your team to collaborate and focus to find breakthroughs for difficult development challenges. 

Allstacks helps you keep a pulse on the right data to maximize time in a flow state by reducing interruptions, identifying bottlenecks, improving handoffs, and ensuring focus on value delivery such as:

  • Pull Request Response Time
  • Code Review Cycle Time
  • Cycle Time by Stage
  • Work Patterns

Drive team collaboration to new heights

Effective collaboration is the lifeblood of team success. The 10x team is one that works together in a state of flow to quickly share knowledge, enable one another, and deliver great software. To do this, the team needs to be able to the team needs to be going through code review together, working side by side, and tearing down knowledge silos

An effectively collaborating team has high trust, minimal interruptions, and responds quickly to each other's needs. Allstacks helps you Identify where things are breaking down and ideal ways to help a team increase their performance with metrics like:

  • Coding days
  • PR Response Time
  • PR Approvers & Commenters
  • Team Work Patterns
  • Cycle Time by Stage
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  • When we implemented Allstacks, we found three significant gaps in performance - all three were leading to output and velocity issues. They serve as our objective measuring post, and that's something the team has appreciated.

  • Allstacks combines disjointed repository and project management systems to create deeper insight and analytics to target areas of improvement for our development teams.

  • Allstacks gives me the right strategic "lens" into our product development performance to let me proactively identify and address bandwidth and quality issues.

Intelligence that gives context across your entire SDLC

Allstacks integrates with all your engineering tools from your source code to Slack to provide better visibility and context into how engineering teams and projects are doing with a single view customized to your product stakeholders.