Validate alignment between engineering effort and business objectives.

Leadership often asks if engineering is working on the top initiatives that deliver customer value. This question results in a manual effort to track engineering output to corporate OKRs, which is complex and time-consuming.

Allstacks eliminates manual OKR tracking by automatically linking the activity across the SDLC to engineering OKRs without changing behavior.

Engineering OKRs  distribution of work
engineering OKR tracking percentage

See if teams are focused on the right work in 2 clicks, not 2 days.

Allstacks automatically groups issues, PRs, commits, releases, and other activity data by your organization's OKRs so you can see the breakdown of work against those goals and course-correct where effort is going towards less strategic work.

Automatically forecast delivery dates and identify risks to OKRs.

With the Portfolio Report, stakeholders can see if they will meet their OKRs within the target date and view the ML-driven forecasted completion date. If something is slipping, leaders can investigate which work impacts the success of the OKRs.

Intelligent Engineering OKR Tracking from Allstacks

Is your organization trying to reduce the number of bugs created?

The size of individual commits is one of the most significant contributors to risky code. Our industry benchmarks show that commits have increased in size by 6.7% compared to the prior 12 months.

Allstacks Commit Metrics will help you understand how you are tracking against this objective.

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