For Executives

A complete view into your software org

Product leaders use Allstacks’ predictive forecasting to know which initiatives are off track & what risks need to be mitigated to ensure the team delivers on time.

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The Portfolio Report shows the forecasted delivery date of your key objectives and roadmap initiatives and answers the following questions for product leaders:

Which initiatives are on track?

Which initiatives will be late, and why?

Are we getting better or worse over time?

The Milestone Report highlights critical inflection points and helps you course-correct.

How has the forecasted delivery date changed over time?

Is a lot of scope being added unexpectedly?

Is there an unaddressed process issue?

Milestone Report
For Engineering Leaders

Identify bottlenecks and get projects back on track

Layered insights allow management to see what they need to see, quickly digest it and make impactful decisions to resolve bottlenecks in the development process, and release new features faster.

PR Cycle Time Report
Use metrics such as Pull Request Cycle Time to find the bottlenecks and improve workflow.

Proactively catch emerging issues

Reduce time to release new features

Track whether process changes are producing the desired outcomes

The WIP Report dives deep into risks across the entire software development lifecycle.

How often do tasks bounce back to a previous process stage?

Which tasks are threatened by code churn?

Which tasks have abnormally high chatter indicating unclear requirements?

WIP Report

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For Product Leaders

Plan and deliver your roadmap with confidence

Predictive forecasting enables earlier course correction, more effective planning, and improved roadmap delivery.

Portfolio Report
Product leaders use our dashboard to isolate at-risk product efforts.

Detect over-scoped or unrealistic epics and milestones to set proper expectations

Proactively identify and reduce requirements ambiguity

Identify looming process hurdles or technical issues and reduce status update requests

Allstacks alerts you to predicted delivery risks. Charts like the Process Stage Visualization will help you spot bottlenecks.

What part of our workflow is contributing to our slowdowns?

What risks does our product team need to convey back to key stakeholders?

How often are stories getting stuck in code review or QA, and for how long?

Burndown Report
For Agile Team Leaders

Get the data to be more agile

Managing agile teams means never-ending scope creep and constant fire drills. Risk alerts focus your attention on the riskiest items, enabling scrum masters and PMs to truly triage work in progress.

WIP Report
Stop furiously flipping through tickets, hoping to uncover what needs attention.

Identify looming process hurdles or technical issues while demanding fewer status updates

Track whether process changes are producing the desired outcomes

Eliminate the issues that tripped up the team in the last few sprints

Allstacks’ automatic alerts highlight emerging obstacles before they disrupt your team’s progress.

What features are likely to take way longer than the estimate to complete?

Where are bottlenecks forming in the current sprint?

Which features are getting stuck in the back-and-forth between stakeholders?

Burndown Report
Predictive Forecasting

Stop using your gut to make estimates. 

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