Get a Unified Picture of Your DevOps Program with DORA Dashboards

No matter how complex your software organization is, Allstacks’ DORA dashboards let you synthesize your engineering efficiency metrics in seconds. Discover your lead time, deployment frequency, and change failure rate in the next 5 minutes.

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Quantify Your DevOps Program with DORA Software

Use Allstacks’ DORA DevOps Dashboard to score your team’s performance from “low” to “elite” against DORA’s standards, benchmark yourself against your industry peers, and set DORA-driven KPIs and risk alerting.

DORA metrics were derived from insights of over 2,000 companies that were published in the State of DevOps research program. The researchers, who later published a book about their findings called Accelerate, found that teams that prioritize four production-focused metrics far outperform those that don’t. Those metrics are deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate.

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Explore Your Data Visually with DORA Dashboards

Go beyond DORA benchmarks. Get value from your data with templates, query data from multiple sources, and build the data visualizations you need for your stakeholders. Whether you want your DORA metrics presented in short or long intervals or if you want to drill down into which parts of your processes are slowing you down, we have a solution that enables meaningful action and quantifiable results.

Spot DevOps Opportunities and Risks

Use immediate Slack and email notifications when your project is delayed. Create and configure alerts on key team goals to help everyone know where to focus. Go beyond basic reporting in your build tools to compare your different development teams’ strengths and take advantage of Allstacks’ machine learning predictive models to forecast when your teams will deploy or if they will be late on delivery.

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Pull in Data From Tools You’re Already Using

Jira Integration
GitLab Integration
Azure Devops integration
CircleCI Integrations
Github Integration
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Connect build metrics to OKRs

Close the gap between the board room and the developers with DORA dashboards and visualizations. Group your issues, PRs, commits, releases, and other activity data into simple, understandable reports that slip right into your OKR framework. Compare your activity over time to prove what’s working and what needs an iteration for your engineering goals. 

Go beyond DORA benchmarks

The DORA model identifies elite- to low-performance teams based on how well they perform against DORA benchmarks. You can use those benchmarks to evaluate the performance level of your team, and you can also use Allstacks’ own engineering performance benchmarks to compare your team to live-updated industry standards. Gain context for your data and improve accordingly.

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