The sessions we're attending at Startup Week Raleigh - Durham 2022

Events are coming back, and the Allstacks team couldn’t be more excited to get back connected with our community of engineering and product leaders!

Not only are we attending Startup Week Raleigh - Durham (which is in our backyard), but we also have several of our leadership team speaking on various panels. Besides coming out to hear from us, we wanted to share some of the sessions we’re looking forward to attending. 


Allstacks Sessions at Startup Week 

This year we have our VP of Engineering, Jamie Howard, our co-founder and CEO, Hersh Tapadia, and co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Freeman, speaking on topics from engineering teams to founder insights. Here are their sessions: 

Building Dev Teams within Startups: How to hire & how to lead.
Panelist: Jamie Howard, Reed Emmons, David Rasch, Bernard Worthy and Emily Banha 
Date: Tuesday, April 19, at 2:00 pm 
An engaging conversation among seasoned startup leaders from founders to engineering managers about the lessons they've learned about attracting, managing, and building great teams for startups.

Why Software Projects Don’t Ship on Time
Speaker: Hersh Tapadia 
Date: Thursday, April 21, at 2:00 pm 
Managing medians instead of outliers to help you increase your likelihood of reliably delivering software to build trust and confidence in the engineering organization.

Cofounders: The Good, The Unknown, and The Ugly
Panelists: Hersh Tapadia, Jeremy Freeman, Anessa Fike, Ellen Gowdy, Kelly Glass, Ryan O'Donnell and Matt Cotter
Date: Friday, April 22, at 2:00 pm
A panel about how to find yours and how to work together to build the business.

Sessions we're attending 

This year’s lineup packs a strong punch so we gathered our top four sessions we are looking forward to listening in on. May these give some guidance on what you choose to sit in and listen to. 

Building Diversity Into Your Startup

Panelists: Kurt Merriweather, Brandon McCarty, Vicki Gibbs and Lister Delgado
Date: Tuesday, April 19, at 3 pm
Many startups and emerging companies embrace the concept of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and understand the business case but struggle with how to execute. Hear stories from founders and investors that have prioritized DEI during the early stages of their formation.

Why Us?
Panelists: Talib Graves-Manns, Tobias Rose, David Jones, Pete McEntegart and Sonja Ebron
Date: Wednesday, April 20th, at 2 pm
For entrepreneurs, investors, community developers, etc; what makes the Triangle unique? Where are the greenfields? How do we leverage our uniqueness to spur/continue entrepreneurial growth that is sustainable?

Deciding your MVP Feature Set
Panelists: Tom Collopy
Date: Friday, April 22nd, at 3 pm
You have a vision for what you want your product to be but you don’t have the resources to make that happen in version 1. Deciding on which features to implement to give you the biggest bang for your buck can be a challenge. This session will give tips and techniques for selecting the most important features to have in your MVP.

The Allstacks team cannot wait to see everyone at Startup Week this year. We anticipate innovative energy and concepts throughout all the sessions. So...what sessions and/or speakers are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know!

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