People, Process and Outcomes: COVID-19 and the State of Software Development [Process]

Unpack the intricate changes in software development processes during the COVID-19 pandemic in the "Process" segment of Allstacks' insightful series.

Delve into the transformation of software processes during COVID-19 with Allstacks. Discover best practices & tools for a remote world. #softwaredevelopment


The "Process" installment in the "People, Process, and Outcomes" series by Allstacks zeroes in on the evolution of software development procedures in the wake of the pandemic. With a pivot towards remote work, this episode questions how productivity, throughput, and coding behaviors have shifted. Additionally, it touches on the tools facilitating collaboration in this new environment and offers insights into supporting teams for optimal output. Delve into the dynamic reimagining of processes and glean best practices for the current remote work paradigm.


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