People, Process and Outcomes: COVID-19 and the State of Software Development [People]

Dive into the core of how COVID-19 has influenced the people behind software development with the "People" report from Allstacks' series.

Explore the human facet of software dev amidst COVID-19 with Allstacks. Uncover how our most valuable resource adapts & thrives. #softwaredevelopment


Allstacks' "People, Process, and Outcomes" series focuses on the human component in the software lifecycle against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. The "People" segment delves into understanding how individuals in product and engineering functions have been impacted by these unprecedented times. This report sheds light on the work methodologies, tools, and optimizations crucial for the workforce during the transition. By emphasizing the value of the people behind the processes, it brings forth data-driven insights that capture the essence of this transformative phase in software development.


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