CIOs top investment priorities for this year

CIO magazine’s Top priorities for CIOs in 2019 provide a glimpse into how technology and engineering leaders prepare their company for the challenges they face today and in the future.

Whether you’re a software engineer, a manager of multiple engineering teams, or a CIO, these priorities matter. These priorities will impact groups at all levels and transform how you work and build great software.

The list is below [More on the bolded items later]:

  • Security
  • People/talent (training, acquiring, and leading)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Analytics/BI/AI/IoT/RPA
  • Cloud
  • Improve, lose, or replace activities relative to applications and infrastructure
  • Low Code/No Code
  • Business/IT continuity
  • Application upgrades
  • Getting more value out of previously made investments

A significant part of these transformations is rooted in streamlining and improving your development and DevOps organizations. CIO’s and engineering leaders will have to build self-directed, data-driven engineering teams to realize a return on these investments. We, at Allstacks, understand how to create and develop these types of teams inside and out. In fact, Allstacks directly supports a majority of these investment priorities already.

Allstacks gives you the ability to affect these changes by making the relevant processes more straightforward, more productive, and informed with data. We aggregate data from all of your tools into a single platform to eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly discovery phases. We then help you uncover insights by applying machine learning and prescriptive analytics that transform your teams and improve your ability to build great software.

As you navigate previous and future investments, Allstacks can shed light on the technical challenges your organization faces and draw clear lines of action and communication. Allstacks gives you prescriptive, quantified, and targeted data that helps you understand what to do now and what to do next.

Over the next week on this blog, we’re delving into each of these 6 core priorities that we’ve bolded above to illustrate how Allstacks directly supports decision making, work relationships, and productivity. Click here for Part 1.

We know every organization is different, and we would love to hear how you feel these priorities align with YOUR priorities in 2019

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