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RALEIGH, NC – November 23, 2022 Allstacks, an innovator in value stream intelligence, has been named a 2022 “Startup to Watch” by GrepBeat, a media organization that covers “all things tech” for Raleigh-Durham and the surrounding area. GrepBeat’s “Startups to Watch” recognizes early-stage startups that the GrepBeat team believes are going to make a lot of noise over the next several years. Allstacks has captured their attention by creating a platform that delivers quantitative, predictable, and reliable insight into the progress of software delivery. This insight helps tech companies build trusting relationships between product and software engineering teams and other parts of the organization, and helps ensure success.

“Allstacks is proud to be honored by GrepBeat as a 2022 ‘Startup to Watch’ and we’re poised for growth in 2023 and beyond,” said Hersh Tapadia, CEO of Allstacks. “The Allstacks platform is changing the way software teams work for the better, and as more organizations discover the benefits that our platform provides, we’ll grow by leaps and bounds.”

Allstacks puts reliable, predictive intelligence in the hands of engineering team leaders to foster trust between teams, and give engineering a strategic voice in the boardroom. The company has championed the evolution of value stream intelligence to make software development more predictable, as well as to enable teams to communicate effectively and work in concert to achieve company-wide goals. Value stream intelligence can provide forecasting and risk alerts to proactively respond to changing delivery efforts. This kind of insight can streamline efforts and put tech companies in a position to meet goals and succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

For more information about how Allstacks is helping software teams stay on track, visit

About Allstacks

Allstacks is a predictive forecasting and risk management platform that improves software development outcomes. By running machine learning and AI models across the data from the entire software development lifecycle, Allstacks identifies at-risk initiatives and then provides solutions to get them back on track. For more information about Allstacks, visit

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