How do we do it?

Allstacks connects to your SaaS productivity tools and draws insights about team and user behavior. Engineering managers get a detailed performance analysis letting them proactively remove dev team roadblocks.

Automatic Data Import

Automatic Data Import

Connect your SaaS apps and you're generating insights. We track behavior across every tool giving you the full view of team performance.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Understand how your dev teams work together to create beautiful products. Identify roadblocks before they occur, boosting productivity.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports

Get continuous insights into how your teams are performing. Benchmark your teams within the company to spot and correct inefficiencies.

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My manager didn't understand the issues. Allstacks provided me with the data needed to convince my boss to add another developer, we were able to finish in time for the client delivery date.

Benchmark team and employee performance across the company

Get quantitative insights into employee behavior and team core strengths to understand project success factors without micromanagement.


Automatically import data by connecting your SaaS tools

Allstacks aggregates usage data from your favorite SaaS productivity apps to deliver quantitative insights with no effort. 1-Click authorizations mean you can be up and running in minutes.


Identify organizational roadblocks and remove them

Quickly learn how your teams work together and discover inefficiencies. With Allstacks you gain personalized insights that show you how to effectively utilize your resources to deliver projects on time and under budget.

  • Deliver Products on time and on budget
  • Catch problems before they happen
  • See insights you never knew you could
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Let Allstacks help you manage your projects. Sign up for the pilot today and start generating insights that uncover and reduce your inefficiencies.


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