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allstacks centralizes management of your organizations tools and services. Whether it's Github, Slack, or Salesforce, with allstacks you can quickly onboard and offboard your employees with just an email address. No more corraling multiple administrators to setup all of your different tools.

1. Create A Team

Enter a few key descriptors of your team: is it sales, marketing, development? allstacks suggests tools based on your team archetype.

2. Select Tools/Services

allstacks is integrated with all the most used, popular tools and services, just select the ones your team uses.

3. Onboard Users

allstacks automatically populates the users from your selected tools. Just confirm your teammates and invite any new hires!



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We Love Tools

allstacks works with the most popular tools and services on the market to make your onboarding process easier. We are continuously integrating and adding more tools to broaden our coverage. Our goal is to make managing your teams easier.

and many more!

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