Allstacks and Slack

Allstacks works with slack to bring you up to date and actionable information about how communication is flowing on your team.  By capturing the sentiment and frequency of messages sent through your public channels, we can help you find and identify people that are typically at risk for being left out, or that may be experiencing more serious difficulties.  By analyzing the sentiment of users communication across Slack [in addition to other tools used on your team], we can help you understand if employees are at risk of burnout or are experiencing an increase in negative emotions.

We work with slack by connecting over OAuth and watching activity in public channels in your team.  You’re able to connect multiple teams to a single Allstacks project, and information will be presented in a unified metric.  We only ask for permissions for your public information, and do not monitor private communications.

Installing Slack with Allstacks is a breeze.  Once you’ve created an account and a project, you simply click the “Add Tool” link, select Slack, and follow the OAuth prompts.

Allstacks does not post any messages on the user’s behalf, and operates in a “Read Only” mode.  Allstacks only reads public message data, and doesn’t post any notification or messages on the user’s behalf.