About Us

About Us

The software we build only matters if we deliver what we promised and when. Despite being great engineers, designers and visionaries, it is difficult to ship software products on time when you don’t have all the information. How do you make decisions when you don’t even know which products are at risk to your organization?

As engineers, we found ourselves building software without the proper data to optimize our work and objectively direct our decision making. We realized that a lot of software products are shipped late or incomplete. We found many organizations also lacked a way to effectively predict and manage whether product delivery was at risk. If they did, it was a manual and a labor intensive process.

So we built Allstacks.

Designing, developing, and launching seamless experiences for your customers is already hard enough. Carry-over from previous rushed sprints, scope creep, and last minute product changes increase the likelihood that you will miss your target delivery date. So why do you build with a partial view of your product development process?

Allstacks removes risk and uncertainty from the software delivery process through our predictive approach. As Engineers, we know it’s important to focus on writing quality bug-free code rather than focusing on the looming deadlines. Add some increased overhead reporting as the project unfolds and suddenly you have a recipe for a late release. We help you see risks as they emerge and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate their impact. With Allstacks, you can predict if product delivery is off track so you can identify root causes in real-time and course correct before it’s too late. 

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Data is in our DNA

Allstacks aggregates all of your tools and data into a single platform so you can accelerate your engineering team’s ability to ship great software.


Our Team

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Hersh tapadia, ceo & co-founder

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Adam Dahlgren, VP Business Development

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jeremy freeman, cto & co-founder

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michael caldwell, senior software engineer

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aaron mead, SENIOR software engineer

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