Patrick Bishop joins Allstacks as Senior Vice President of Sales

Allstacks is thrilled to announce Patrick Bishop as its latest addition to the executive leadership team as the new Senior Vice President of Sales.

Patrick will lead and expand the sales team’s footprint to continue the company's growth through strategic go-to-market initiatives. 

Patrick is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a tenured sales leader and entrepreneur, bringing 15+ years of experience developing and launching start-ups. Throughout his career, Patrick has built and led teams focused on Product Led Growth and Enterprise Solution go-to-market (GTM) strategies at well-known companies like IBM to start-ups, including Backtrace IO (now Saucelabs) and XebiaLabs (now His success is driven by having a practitioner and customer-first mindset.      

Patrick is in a unique position to lead Allstacks’ go-to-market strategy. His sales leadership principles come from a direct understanding of customer pain points and deep technical knowledge. He began his career as a developer and personally experienced the difficulties of managing the complexity of building software against the business/customer expectations of delivery timelines. 

About a decade ago, the industry was focused on bringing in new DevOps tools, promising that every new solution introduced would drive delivery enhancements, and cycles times would improve dramatically. At that time, Patrick was early in evangelizing DevOps and leveraged the Periodic Table of DevOps to tell that story in the market. As we all know, software delivery relies on more than using the latest tools and methodologies. To deliver customer value, organizations need real-time collaboration across the people, processes, and tools, which is why Patrick believes Allstacks is uniquely positioned in this market. 

Patrick was introduced to Allstacks by an ex-Cloudbees executive who quickly saw the value and need of aligning software engineering outcomes with the business’s goals rather than just relying on a tool to optimize output without the context of the customer. Recognizing the current market need for more intelligent insight into DevOps and Engineering value streams, Patrick is confident that Allstacks will experience high-growth customer acquisition in 2022 and beyond. In addition to his fervent belief in the market, Patrick’s decision to join Allstacks was influenced by the people in the organization and our alignment towards our shared mission — building organizational trust through strategic and collaborative software delivery

What makes Patrick standout as a leader?

All of us at Allstacks spent a lot of time with Patrick to learn more about who he is outside of his expertise and impressive resume. We knew early on that he was a great cultural fit for the company and could architect the sales team while also sharing his deep insight into the industry. We also learned of his love for building things. And then fly those things — in the air thanks to his love of woodworking and piloting.

Here are some of his guiding principles in building teams and scaling sales organizations: 

  1. The Customer, the Company, and You. Build a team that makes decisions to “do right by the customer, do right by the company, and the company will do right by you.” This mindset allows for the team to feel not only supported but also empowered. He attributed this mindset to a former CEO, Peter McKay, who is now the CEO of Snyk.  
  2. Quality without compromise. Inspired by a speech given by the Chairman of Xebia, Daan Teunissen, the idea is that there won’t be perfection on the first day or even the second. Quality comes from gathering feedback and iterating. This concept is the founding value Patrick takes when building scalable and repeatable processes, implementing measurable KPIs, and supporting the individuals on his team. 
  3. “Let’s get sh*t done” mentality. Pick something and stick to it. Make it happen. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Putting something in place and then improving it over time is more important than staying in a space with nothing. Patrick is a doer, mover, and shaker and believes in pushing forward. He is inspired by the motto “back to work" from aviation builder and ambassador Mike Patey.   
  4. Don’t sell. Build relationships. While Patrick is a seasoned technology professional, he doesn’t believe in selling to developers. His customer approach is to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship to best partner with developers. He believes this is the key to gaining trust and driving sales. 

Patrick can be found on LinkedIn. Give him a follow to stay up-to-date on all things tech sales and Allstacks!

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