How to Use Allstacks for DORA Metrics in 3 Minutes

September 24, 2023

Jeremy, the CTO of Allstacks, reveals how the platform can effectively measure vital DevOps metrics: change failure rate, deploy frequency, and lead time, using Circle CI as an example.

How to Use Allstacks for DORA Metrics in 3 Minutes


Allstacks enables users to track the change failure rate, represented as "build success rate", indicating the success frequency of builds, especially those leading to production. The platform offers versatile filtering options, allowing users to analyze data points and even trace them back to their source. When observing lead time, Allstacks showcases the aggregate build time, enabling users to group metrics by job and identify efficient tasks. Through these capabilities, Allstacks serves as a powerful tool for DevOps metrics, providing insights to optimize processes.


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