Cross-Functional Metrics: Maintain Accountability While Aligning Engineering & Business Performance

Discover the art of leveraging engineering metrics to foster business growth and maintain team accountability.

Master the nexus of engineering and business with Allstacks' experts. Dive into impactful metrics, value stream intelligence, and strategies for predictable success.


In this comprehensive webinar presented by SD Times, David Rubinstein collaborates with Allstacks' experts Adam Dahlgren and Parker Ennis to demystify the confluence of engineering and business performance. Dive deep into the intricacies of selecting the apt engineering metrics to both inspire positive behavior and pinpoint potential risks during development. Grasp the essence of value stream intelligence and its role in crafting accountability for diverse work scenarios. Witness firsthand how elite engineering units utilize precise data to ensure predictable and favorable outcomes. Equip yourself with these invaluable insights and revolutionize your team's approach to strategy and performance.

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