Allstacks Makes R&D Software Capitalization Generally Available

Now generally available, Allstacks Software Capitalization offering enables engineering teams to easily track software R&D investments and produce accounting-ready reports automatically.

RALEIGH, NC – January 23, 2024 – Allstacks, a leader in software engineering intelligence and value stream management, announced its Software Capitalization offering as generally available enables software teams to seamlessly track R&D software expenses subject to capitalization or tax credits in an automated, lightweight manner. R&D cost capitalization is a practice mandated by authoritative technical accounting standards under US GAAP to categorize and track software R&D work. This is includes engineering costs and attributes developers’ time as investments instead of expenses for financial reporting. Allstacks Software Capitalization compiles this information using existing engineering data from popular development tools and produces accounting-ready reports in an automated fashion without requiring the team to add new tools or learn new processes.

“The Allstacks platform continues to be a game changer for software teams because it centralizes data around the development process to help optimize efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and accurately forecast delivery. However, over the past year, we’ve been working with customers to drive a great R&D software capitalization solution and I’m excited to announce that our new product, Allstacks Software Capitalization, is now generally available to all customers. Teams can easily produce records of capitalizable software work, automating a traditionally time-consuming and manual process, and improving the accuracy of the data collected,” said Hersh Tapadia, Co-founder and CEO, Allstacks. “Allstacks customers can now seamlessly account for their engineering investment, understand the cost of capitalizable efforts, and generate defensible reports in audit-ready format that adhere to all applicable compliance standards.”

Allstacks is well-known for its Software Engineering Intelligence platform, designed to unify organizations around a shared source of engineering data. This data puts everyone on the same page, surfacing actionable insights, improving overall software delivery, and ensuring engineering organizations stay aligned with the needs of the business at large. By introducing Software Capitalization as a new offering that all customers can take advantage of, Allstacks is streamlining an otherwise tedious, highly manual, process to categorize and track software R&D costs. Previously, this task was typically maintained in unwieldy spreadsheets and across numerous disparate systems. Using Allstacks to automate this task saves countless hours spent on manual efforts by R&D, Finance, and Accounting departments. This enables more accurate tracking and reporting of capitalizable vs. non-capitalizable software efforts without requiring teams to take additional steps or add new tools to their workflow. 

The Software Capitalization solution can also support sequential workflows to split credit among all assignees for use cases where multiple engineers work on a single project, giving engineering leaders and finance leaders peace of mind in the supportability of the data when it comes to accounting for a company’s software R&D investments. 

About Allstacks

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