Allstacks 2023 in Review

2023 was a rollercoaster year for technology companies, marked by notable highs and lows. The start of the year was shadowed by continued economic uncertainty, leading to diminished growth and widespread cost-cutting measures at many organizations. As we enter 2024, there are signs of stabilization, albeit with a recovery that will extend over the coming months.  Amidst these challenges, the emergence of ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) on the scene has driven a transformative shift, fostering innovation and enhancing efficiencies across the industry. Entrepreneurs and organizations embraced LLMs like GitHub Copilot, leading to a surge in novel applications and streamlined services. 

At Allstacks, we’ve been alongside you through these unprecedented times, dedicated to developing features that empower you to navigate and excel this rapidly evolving landscape.

When we first set out to develop Allstacks, I remember one leader describing how he managed mostly by sneakernet.  To really get a sense of how things were going, he had to put on his sneakers and walk from desk to desk.  By spending a few hours chatting with the team, and overhearing folks talking about status, he was able to piece together how things were /really/ going.  When the pandemic accelerated an already growing push for remote work, everyone quickly realized sneakernet had to be reinvented.  We made it our mission to be right there with teams as they struggled to create and follow new management styles, and worked hard to build a product that enabled a level of connectedness and insight that surpassed what was possible before.  As we close another year, I think back to that goal and reflect on how we empowered organizations to realize the value created by their engineering teams.

I'm especially excited about a few of the things we've released this year:


Expansion of reporting flexibility: Includes dashboard filtering, advanced filtering, and savable filter sets

  • We know that your teams are constantly growing, evolving and coming up with new ways to deliver value faster, and we want to make sure we're there to support you.  By giving you the ability to define your data reporting in any way you need, we allow you explore and grow, and not be limited by the capabilities of your reporting tool 

Create Radical Org Alignment: Includes goal setting and reporting template sharing 

  • One of the key drivers at Allstacks has been helping organizations stay focused on what matters most.  Through setting goals and targets at a per-team or per-org basis, we allow both orgs to set goals for their orgs AND teams to set goals for themselves to improve and grow.  Team goals and org goals shouldn't be at odds, but should feed off of each other to maximize value delivered, and keeping them aligned is key in achieving that balance

Enabled Better Investment Focus: Includes investment hours and dollars metrics

  • Tracking ROI has always been difficult, especially when investments range from creative discovery to find/fix response.  Our new set of reports allows you to quickly understand where your team is focused and quickly understand when you need to press on the gas, or flip on the turn signal.

Check out below for the full list of feature releases in 2023.

2023 Feature Releases

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