A message from “that sales guy,” Page.

Hello from Sunny South Austin,👋🏼  I’m Page Trimble. You are probably here because I sent you an email and you are trying to figure me out, and spoiler alert — I am a sales guy here at Allstacks. 

Page Trimble


But I am more than that. I believe my passion, beliefs, and interests make me an empathetic “sales guy” that makes the process of buying technology enjoyable, meaningful, and mutually beneficial. 

While I am not a developer or engineering leader, I am a person who appreciates everything that goes into building software. I have a great deal of empathy for the work you and your teams do and really want to help by building a partnership — or dare I say, friendship with you. The secret to any successful friendship is to learn about one another so we can build a little bit of trust so next time you see an email from me, you say “Hey. That’s Page!”

Nice to meet you.

I am a confident, extroverted guy that loves God and loves people. It’s this love that has caused me to really embrace selling as a career. I get to meet new people and share the things I am passionate about every day.

In college, I went on several mission trips that opened my eyes to the world around me in ways that I’ve never experienced before. Growing up in a small town, running through cornfields my whole childhood, I didn’t know how other people lived. It made me truly appreciate my life, my friends, and my family. It also instilled in me a desire to connect with people, be honest, have courage, and pursue things in life that I’m passionate about. 

I’ve been in sales my whole life. I started selling printed tee shirts out of my backpack in high school to all my friends from an early age. Here’s one of those designs:


Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Giving your customers what they want, not what you think they want.

Through that early sales experience, I realized that you have to offer things to your customers that they actually want, not something that you think they want. It’s only through having conversations with and connecting with customers that help you learn what their needs are.

I joined Allstacks 3 years ago because I believed in helping people inside organizations make better software, faster. At Allstacks, I get to sell a platform that is solving software organizations’ problems in ways I never knew existed. Much like traveling around the world and seeing people’s issues in new ways years earlier. Selling can be an emotional endeavor, and it makes me feel amazing when someone never knew about Allstacks sees the value for the first time and ultimately purchases our platform for their company because I was able to connect their needs to something that would actually help them.

Personally, I love the outdoors; camping, hiking, and paddle boarding are things you will find me doing with my lovely wife Amber and my two kids. I also love the technology space, cryptocurrencies, and my smart lights! I do 30-day challenges with my wife, which inspires me to try new things, push myself, and always be improving myself. I eat a whole foods, plant-based diet but have been known to enjoy the occasional slice of pizza alongside a local IPA.  


I look forward to chatting with you professionally or personally! Here’s my LinkedIn, let’s stay in touch
Want to learn about Allstacks? Here’s my calendar! (sorry, I couldn't help myself. I’m a sales guy, remember?) 


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