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Our Value Stream Intelligence Platform generates guiding insights for product stakeholders across your engineering projects and tools so you can shape better outcomes – for your business and your customers.

Engineering effort → business outcomes

Shared insight for your stakeholders into progress and risks impacting key business initiatives. 

Benchmark and improve effectiveness

Insights from across your engineering team's workflow to spot trends, identify inefficiencies, and show off how you're improving.

Reliably forecast engineering effort

Intelligent forecasting analyzes your activity to create visibility, identify risk, and replace gut feelings with informed decisions.

Build trust and confidence 

Share intelligence across teams in real-time to make delivery more reliable (and high fives more satisfying).


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Predictive Forecasting

Eliminate gut feel from your estimates

Predictive forecasting tells you when initiatives will be completed and enables earlier course correction, more effective planning, and improved roadmap attainment.

Team dashboards and Metrics

See how well your teams build software and resolve bottlenecks

Tell the story about how well your teams build software with code, builds, process, and team productivity metrics with shareable dashboards, identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.

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This is what building software better looks like:

3 x

Accelerated Velocity

14 %

Increased Throughput

120 hrs

Saved Development Time from Reporting

Our customers ❤️ us

  • As we grow, we need better visibility to make decisions based on data and metrics, not gut. We use many tools across Product and Engineering (i.e. Jira and Gitlab). We now have a single pane of glass for all of that information and have access to a lot of data we weren’t getting before.

    James Emerson VP of Engineering, ClearData

  • Allstacks’ core value is providing visibility into problems. I can organize all of my engineering processes in one place to quickly make changes and better understand where my inefficiencies lie. I get a clear picture of where we are, so I can determine where we want to be.

    John Steinmetz CTO, Convo

  • Our commitments to our customers are critical. Allstacks enables us to better track progress, helps our engineering team communicate effectively with stakeholders, and allows us to be nimble as priorities shift.

    Mike Bonner Director of Engineering, nCino

  • Even with a strong scrum approach, we tried to get a handle on our software delivery processes [on our own] and still missed the mark. We reached out to Allstacks for help, and within days, we went from being in the dark to getting true insights into the state of key initiatives.

    Jason Massey Founder & CEO,

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