Quality software starts with data-driven engineering teams


A comprehensive view of your engineering projects and teams

  • Integrates your favorite engineering tools

  • Work In Progress Reports

  • Retrospective Reports

  • Automatic Alerts & Risks

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Action and knowledge go hand in hand



Automatically import data by connecting your SaaS tools with one-click authorizations for a complete picture of productivity

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Access metrics and reports on team performance at all levels and at all times to proactively manage issues as they evolve

Automatic alerts focus your attention to delivery obstacles

  • How much carry-over do we have from the last sprint?

  • What story points are awaiting review and are any of them becoming roadblocks?

  • What is our velocity and will we deliver what we said we would?

  • How is the team communicating and does anyone need help right now?

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Build higher quality teams and products, faster

  • Eliminate data silos in and across your organization

  • Detect code issues early to stabilize churn and reduce bounce-backs

  • Increase speed to market with reduced cycle times

  • Unlock insights to unleash your engineering talent


My manager didn't understand the issues. Allstacks provided me with the data needed to convince my boss to add another developer, and we were able to finish in time for the client delivery date.